SculptICE Post Op Recovery (4 Oz)


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We are excited to announce that our NEW Post Op ICE is AVAILABLE NOW!

BENEFITS SculptICE® Post Op:

  • Release pain after cosmetic surgery
  • Reduce/ Avoid secondary effects after cosmetic surgery
  • Reduce the fluid that builds up under the surface of the skin
  • Decrease inflammation in soar muscles
  • Reduce swelling and speed healing process
  • Shortens post-op healing time
  • Prevents and eliminates scar tissue
  • Helps and improves sutures
  • Improves bruised area
  • Helps patient deal with swelling and pain
  • Ensure better blood and oxygen flow

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SculptICE® Post Op ICE is a post operatory solution for our clients that had been over the knife. After a liposuction and/or tummy tuck it is crucial to get proper care; such as lymphatic drainage, ultrasound etc. to achieve better results; to avoid secondary effects such as: retention of fluids, intolerant pain, to accelerate healing, to prevent fibrosis, among others…

SculptICE® has created a unique gel made with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, infused with healing herbs, water based to create a bond between the skin and the ultrasound waves to penetrate damaged tissue after cosmetic surgery. This gel is made with 100% ORGANIC ingredients.

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