Read Through The Rules To Participate

  1. You have to be a SculptICE Specialist and licensed professional in your state.
  2. Participant models must be at least 18 years of age and must sign release form.
  3. Participants and models are responsible for all expenses incurred while participating in this contest.

How to enter

  1. Submit your registration form. You will find it at the bottom of this same page.
  2. Select the category you are participating: Body and/or Face or both.

Before and After photos

  1. Post on Instagram account ONLY
  2. MUST tag @sculptice_official on all contest related posts so that they will count (we’ll be checking!)
  3. Pictures must show the date of service. Be creative! (piece of paper, calendar, chalk board, etc.) 
  4. Before and after measurements of model and weight
  5. Photos must be in JPG or PNG format
  6. Photos must be original and unedited 
  7. Use white or black background for your before and after pictures
  8. Participants must submit photos of every treatment


  1. Describe protocol 
  2. List all used supplements, products and protocols (ex. SculptICE-cavitation, SculptICE-wood therapy, SculptICE-sauna blanket, etc.)
  3. How often the treatment was performed
  4. Other benefits: besides the sculpting benefits, did your client saw any other secondary benefits?


  1. All participants’ entries will be judged and selected
  2. Score is based on: Quality of results over the 8-week period
  3. Participants ability to explain protocols
  4. Participant visible before and after


  1. $1,000 SculptICE credit store
  2. Featured LipGloss and AfterShave Article
  3. Featured on SculptICE website and social platforms

Register Here