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As an independent Latina owned business, SculptICE® takes great pride in sharing our passion for beauty and health with a diverse community of clients and customers. Our SculptICE® products deliver real fat reduction results with no surgery, no incisions, no scars, and no downtime. Guaranteed. We feature all natural products with quality ingredients and best-in-class certification and training.

Meet The Founder
Ania Botero

Ania Botero is the Founder and Creator of SculptICE.

Ania Botero, wanting to study English as a second language, left Mexico and moved to the United States in 2005 where she attended Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

A former member of her high school dance team, Ania always had an athletic and slim physique, but after moving to the United States and discovering fast food and other unhealthy treats, her weight increased dramatically.

More than just the “freshman fifteen” that new college students sometimes experience, Ania gained a dramatic 45 pounds in just a matter of months!

Knowing she had to make some immediate changes, she decided to adopt healthier eating habits and make smarter food choices.

With time, discipline, and lots of hard work, she was able to lose much of the weight that she had put on.

She was discouraged, however, when she found that she was left with loose skin, cellulite, and a redistribution of fat in her thighs, arms, and belly area.

She tried everything on the market; including various diet and detox plans, cleanses, herbal infusions, metabolism pills, various workout routines, etc., but saw no real success.

Ania was then introduced to a unique body sculpting product used by “Sobadoras” (aka-massage gurus of Mexico) that she swears not only changed her body, but her life.

Amazed by the dramatic results she saw in just a matter of days, and with only a few applications, she knew she stumbled upon something special.

Returning to the United States, she searched for similar treatments and products in hopes of continuing the success she had experienced, but no one had heard of “ice therapy” before, or offered anything like it.

Ania was determined to learn more about this life changing treatment and proceeded to spend years studying the process, ingredients, and various formulas.

Fascinated by how it worked and what made it effective, she made it her mission to develop a product that was made with the best ingredients available on the market.

She studied the active compounds of dozens of herbs and essential oils, and practiced the many specific techniques and applications that made it effective.

Ania then combined all of her research and experience to create a groundbreaking, effective body sculpting product that offered immediate results.

The elimination of unwanted fat, body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, and the promotion of weight loss, are just a few of the benefits of this treatment.

Her creation would be called,

Meet Our Team

Ania Botero

Ania Botero

SculptICE® Creator / Founder

Ania Botero is the founder and creator of Sculptice®. A non- invasive and organic product that promotes induced cold thermogenesis.

Ania is an innovator in body treatments and has been recognized as a the pioneer and educator on ice therapy and wood therapy in the states. She is an experience massage therapist and electrologist, with an impressive experience in skincare.

SculptICE® Trainers

Monica Gaston

Monica Gaston

Post Op Master / Master Esthetician

Monica Gaston has been an industry leader for over 15 years.

She has a passion and love for medical esthetics. Her experience has helped her transitions into a post op surgical specialist.

Monica is a skin expert and post op care specialist. She is a licensed esthetician with an extensive experience in after care surgery, medical esthetics and skincare.

Rebecca Schlax

Rebecca Schlax

Body Contouring Specialist & Certified Medical Aesthetician

With a passion for everything health & beauty, Rebecca was the first to bring the growing trend of Body Contouring to London, Ontario Canada in 2018.

She has curated her own unique approach to body contouring by combining many different modalities, techniques and protocols she has learned over the years from different teachers/mentors. always continuing her education & researching new treatments/techniques.

Kimmie Ramirez

Kimmie Ramirez

Body Contouring Specialist & Licensed Practitioner and Accredited Educator and community board member with the National Medical Spa Association (NMSA)

I am located on the Island of Oahu in the City of Aiea, Hawaii.

I opened Beyoutifull Body, LLC on January 1, 2022. I have been trained by some of the best who have been in this line of business for over 10 years. I have been certified as a specialist and trainer by the amazing owner of “Sculptice”. I am also a certified non-invasive aesthetic practitioner by, “Calibods” and certified by the “Brazilian Celebrity Lymphatic Massage Therapist, Josie Rushing”.

I believe in Sculptice treatments because I have been offering this service to my clients since I opened up my shop and I have seen amazing results! I look forward to extending my services to you and walking alongside you in your journey to being a healthier you!

Website: beyoutifullbodyllc.com

Email: info@beyoutifullbodyllc.com

Contact Number: 808-754-4307

Location: 99-185 Moanalua Road #100. Aiea, HI. 96701

SculptICE® Staff

Daniela Pinilla

Daniela Pinilla

SculptICE® Administrative Assistant

Lesly Orizaga

Lesly Orizaga

SculptICE® Media Coordinator

Alice Castro

Alice Castro

SculptICE® Administrative Assistant Mexico