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SculptICE® Boosters

At SculptICE®, we are always looking for ways to provide faster and more lasting weight loss results. This is what led to the development of our Boosters. SculptICE® Boosters can be taken standalone or after a SculptICE® therapy session for best results.

After a SculptICE® therapy session, our expert practitioners offer post-treatment recommendations to ensure both immediate and lasting results. This includes adding Boosters to your daily diet.

SculptICE® Boosters come in three categories; Supplements, Fiber, and Drinks. Each of these has been meticulously designed with specialized functions to facilitate weight loss, resulting in a more sculpted and refined physique.

SculptICE® Detox & Burn is an innovative fat-burning dietary supplement (weight loss supplement) meticulously formulated from 100% vegan ingredients, brimming with detoxification benefits.

This carefully blended formula comes with 8 essential vitamins, among other ingredients like matcha, cranberry extract, and vitamin B6, to specifically address and eliminate the adipose tissue within the body.

Experience the SculptICE® Boost Effect!

SculptICE® Drinks

Our powdered booster weight loss drinks have been designed to thoroughly hydrate, replenish, and nourish your body and skin. They are the ultimate solution for staying refreshed, shedding those extra pounds, and enjoying a myriad of other health benefits!

Packed with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, our refreshing weight loss detox drinks are your go-to choice for a healthier, happier, and leaner you.

Our booster drinks come in 5 different types for a variety of benefits:

  1. SculptICE® Post Op Speed Up: A supercharged sip for bouncing back faster and saying bye-bye to post-op blues. Accelerate recovery and reduce inflammation, bruising, and swelling.
  2. SculptICE® Beauty Potion: Get ready to glow like a mythical goddess with this literal beauty potion. It’s your secret to a clear, age-defying complexion, a collagen boost, and skin that radiates pure magic.
  3. SculptICE® Cellulite Killer: Time to flush cellulite out with a drink that’s like a one-way ticket for those unwanted lumps and bumps. Watch as all the toxins and fat leave your body, leaving you feeling more sleeker.
  4. SculptICE® Forever Young: Sip your way to eternal youth with this tropical paradise in a bottle. Not only does it turn back the clock on your skin, but it also gives your digestive system a boost. It’s like sipping from the fountain of youth on a sandy beach.
  5. SculptICE® Melt Your Fat: Transform your body with this mystical blend of zesty lemon, age-defying collagen, and the crisp snap of green apple. Watch the fat melt away as thermogenesis takes the stage. It’s like a wizard’s spell for your waistline!

Experience the SculptICE® Boost Effect!

SculptICE® Slim Fiber

Crafted from a medley of natural ingredients and the wholesome goodness of oatmeal fiber, Slim Fiber by SculptICE® is a fantastic fusion of all things organic and naturally delicious.

Slim Fiber is the best fiber for weight loss that fulfills your daily fiber needs while controlling your cravings, cleaning your colon, and lowering your cholesterol levels, which ultimately helps you lose more weight.

Sweetened with Stevia and loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and probiotics, our Slim Fiber comes in 5 scrumptious flavors; Vanilla, Orange, Red Fruits, Green Fruits, and Blueberries.

So indulge your taste buds and supercharge your wellness journey by adding it to your shakes or smoothies. Slim Fiber isn’t just about filling you up; it’s about filling your life with flavor while turbocharging your weight loss goals.

Cheers to a tasty way to meet your daily fiber needs and boost your results!

Experience the SculptICE® Boost Effect!

Experience the SculptICE® Boost Effect!

Your search for the best weight loss supplements and weight loss drinks ends here. Our carefully curated line of boosters delivers permanent weight loss benefits. In addition to fat burning, our weight loss detox drinks also eliminate all the toxins and free radicals in your body.

It’s like a deep cleanse of your overall body. And the best part? It’s available in THREE forms, refreshing weight loss drinks, nutritious organic weight loss fiber, and quick dietary weight loss supplements. So, you can consume it however you like!

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