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SculptICE® Moisturizing Facial

SCULPTICE’s Moisturizing Facial offers the protective properties of lavender essential oils and other organic herbal combinations, promoting the creation of new healthy facial skin cells, providing a revitalizing and moisturizing facial mask, leaving your skin hydrated from the first application.

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SCULPTICE® Moisturizing Facial.

Ingredients: Herbal calming and lifting blends, almond oil, lavender oil.

Helps you keep your skin young and healthy, giving a feeling of deep cleaning, free of bacteria and impurities.

The protective properties of lavender and secret herbal combination present in the formula help oxygenate the skin thus promoting the creation of new cells and stimulate proper circulation.

SCULPTICE® Facials are not your regular facial mask. Besides all te benefits that a clay mask gives you, this facials contours and sculpt your face with a few applications.

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