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SculptICE® Metal Booty Booster


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SculptICE Metal Booty Booster is a special tool crafted to enhance and contour the buttocks after our targeted Metal Therapy. It is used by a SculptICE® Specialist after a Metal Therapy session to accelerate the breakdown of accumulated fat in the buttocks area to achieve the desired results.

Set de Levantamiento de Glúteos
Sirve para moldear, reafirmar, levantar y aumentar el volumen de los glúteos.

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Made from Aluminum and other metals

Available Colors

Blue Matte, Dark Blue Sparkle, Dark Purple Sparkle. Green, Silver, Orange, Purple, Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow, and Black.


Our Metal Therapy instruments are to be used by a SculptICE® certified specialist. For faster and more consistent results, it is recommended to get the SculptICE® Metal Therapy Body therapy thrice weekly.

To become a SculptICE® certified specialist, enroll yourself in our online classes at SculptICE® Academy.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × 4 in

Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black, Dark Blue Sparkle, Blue Mate, Dark Purple Sparkle, Silver


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